About Applicant

Applicants - No more endlessly applying for jobs!
Employers - Choose the applicant that fits!

About Applicant

Applicant is a revolutionary, free and easy to use platform that connects employers and households to job seekers. We flip the traditional recruitment method to applicants making a profile with their preferred work categories, locations and availability, then employers simply search profiles and select a fit.

Our Story

Applicant has its beginning back in 2017 when a school student discovered that employers were reluctant to list jobs for part time roles. He came up with the revolutionary idea of flipping the job finding process so that the teenagers could list their profile and employers could search and contact them for free!

Teen Jobs was started in November 2018 and quickly became New Zealand's largest teenage job finding website with thousands of teenagers and hundreds of jobs per month. The idea was simple and it worked!

In 2020, the concept grew into Applicant with the same winning formula - Making it easy for job seekers and making it the fastest, cheapest and easiest way for employers to find an employee.